What is
Meningitis b

MenB is caused by an infection with N. meningitidis bacteria from serogroup B and is one of the most common causes of IMD in Canada.

Your teen may be protected against other forms of meningococcal disease, but vaccines against strain B are not yet part of regular childhood vaccinations.

MenB was associated with >60% of cases of IMD in Canadian adolescents and young adults between 2012 and 2016

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How is Menspread?

MenB is a serious infection that can be spread through common adolescent and young-adult behaviours (sharing).

Close, direct contact


Sharing cups, drinks, utensils

Close-quarterd living

Quick Facts

Up to 10% of healthy people may carry N. meningitidis bacteria without any symptoms.

Healthy adolescents and young adults are more likely to be carriers of this bacteria.

The carriage is highest in adolescents (20–30%).

A vaccine for meningitis B prevention.

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