Are you or your child at risk of contracting MenB?

Certain individuals are at increased risk of contracting MenB due to health conditions or environmental factors. Complete this short questionnaire to determine if any of these risk factors apply to you/your child.

Once you have completed this questionnaire, a discussion guide with your answers will be generated. Bring it to your next visit with your healthcare professional to start the conversation about MenB vaccination.

TRUMENBA is a vaccine to help prevent MenB (IMD caused by N. meningitidis serogroup B bacteria), for use in individuals aged 10 through 25 years.

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1 Are you seeking information for yourself or your child?

2 Are you/Is your child between 10 and 25 years of age?

3 Do you/Does your child attend any of the following? Choose all that apply.

4 Have you/Has your child been vaccinated against IMD? Choose all that apply.

5 Have you/Has your child been vaccinated against MenB?

6 Are any of the following circumstances or conditions applicable to you/your child? Choose all that apply.

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